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Mike Tredree
Executive Director

Mike is a punk rock Environmental Scientist and Associate Project Manager. He enjoys organizing epic parties and has been known to ride a skateboard. As a professional, he has learned to be versatile and relentless. These skills translate nicely to help lead Ontario Skateboarding Inc.

He fell in love with the culture of skateboarding and punk rock after a Lucky Number Seven and Closet Monster show in the basement of the Masonic lodge in Cobourg, ON in 2001. He didn’t mind taking the beating that street skating provided and always enjoyed riding away after landing a trick. He wants more people to feel that way and believes that it’s worth his time to try to make that happen.

His mission is to coordinate a representative and fair Provincial Program that reflects the ideals of skateboarding in the province of Ontario. The people that have been asked to sit on this board are people that can help build the most talented, creative and supportive skateboard program that we possibly can. 

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Alex Sauret
Art and Digital Media Director

Alex is a visual artist, entrepreneur and inventor with 15+ years of experience in the art industry. He has a refined skillset centred around visual arts. Sauret’s impressive range of style and imagination manifests itself in his original artworks through his ability to innovate in different avenues of fine art. Being a part of a not-for-profit has given Sauret the opportunities to support his personal and professional growth as an artist and also as a team player. While at Ontario Skateboarding, he has been able to utilize his art skills and continue to challenge himself creatively. However, Ontario Skateboarding isn’t just about making good visual content. It’s also about creating opportunities and opening doors for all skaters and brands. Our content and contests have provided exposure for sponsorship for some of our followers, while skateboard shops have seen benefits from our features. These are facts on how we have had an impact on the scene so far. Growing up in the skate scene has given him a lot, so he took this opportunity to combine two passions to try to give back. There are endless ideas and goals we want to achieve while keeping the skate scene alive and prospering.

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Troy Geogeghan
Art Consult Chair

Troy is an Associate Creative Director in the ad game. He has over the last 10 years done creative for the majority of Canada’s most prominent brands. His work has been recognized globally at international awards shows and featured organically across the world. He has multiple degrees and has many leather bound books that make his flat smell of rich mahogany. He is a husband to his beautiful wife and is a father of twin babies. Life is good (and crazy).   Within Troy there’s an underlying passion for creative problem solving. It can’t be denied. There is a certain  satisfaction of solving a puzzle after endless attempts that is a special level of gratuity that makes the work worth it. This is a feeling you get when you do something for the very first time when you didn’t think it was in the cards. A physical and mental sense of control over yourself. For him this was originally recognized through skateboarding and the culture that came to surround it. Along with his expertise in advertising, he brings a mission to encourage that spark of creativity in his children and all of the next generation to have as much fun as we did.


Christa Realba
Women’s Rep. Chair

Christa is a self made entrepreneur in the digital space for over 17 years. She got her start in the blogging world and has been featured on Entertainment Today. E!, Cosmo TV and in Instyle magazine. Christa is an international speaker, having appeared on stages across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Italy. She speaks on a variety of topics but is most well known for her expertise in social media, affiliate marketing and digital content creation. 

Christa fell in love with skateboarding watching her son skate, noticing the similarities in mindset and perseverance required in the entrepreneurial world. Skateboarding allowed her to spend more time with her son and be outside her comfort zone. With the gifts she discovered through skateboarding Christa became part of the community, encouraging others and advocating for more opportunities to skate in communities.

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Will Mackie
Indigenous Chair

Will has been skateboarding for 13 years and continues to do it. He commonly travels around Ontario to see a variety of skateparks and meet other skateboarders within the scene. He is a Co-Owner of Comacan Skateboards and Retna Wheel Co. And he proudly represents the indigenous skateboarding community as he learns more about his family’s Mohawk Heritage. 

He is very proud to be representing Ontario Skateboarding as we push to share the positive benefits and community of skateboarding as a whole. Keep pushing and, let the good times roll. 

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