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#skatergirlshowcase2021(She/Her) Contests

OS. and Canadian Skateboard Chronicles (CSC) are proud to bring a female only contest that is aimed at showcasing the talent of our Canadian ladies. The contest is offering the first Canadian sponsorship for Boardy Cakes Wheel Co. They are a skater owned company out of Philly, but they wanted to show love and so, we partnered up to offer a great first prize.

Other prizes include decks from Culture Shock Skateboards, Requiem Skateboards (Both Ontario MFG), grip tape from Wolf Grip, wheels from Boardy Cakes, and Swag from 66 Thieves, OS. and CSC and wax from Slipz (homemade Ontario slip). These brands have graciously supported the equality of skateboarding and in return we are gonna gas them up for being great brands with superb products. Check out their goods here:

This contest is accepting 60 second edits from Canadian Female Skaters from Aug. 1 - 31 @ 11:59pm.

All submissions are appreciated and we are all super stoked to see who will join the Boardy Cakes team as the first Canadian rep.

Good Luck to everyone!


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