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Skateboarding at the Olympics - Tokyo 2021

The debate of whether skateboarding is a fit for the Olympic games has been hotly contested throughout the culture and industry since the IOC had announced the intention of including it at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. There is certainly valid points on either side of the debate on whether skateboarding is a sport. There are established professionals such as Tony Hawk embracing the change and supporting the Olympics and then you have Bob Burnquist arguing for its exclusion.

The truth of the matter is that the culture of skateboarding is stronger than the conformity of the Olympics. If skateboarding could withstand the corporatization of Nike and Adidas and/or other corporate benefactors than the culture can resist the normalization of the Olympic games. The fact that the athleticism of skateboarding has been acknowledged and accepted by the IOC is proof that skateboarding is not a crime and that we should be treated with respect.

Now, since the global stage is watching the competitors from around the world throw it down in street and park, it will only encourage the next generations of kids to get in on the fad. The good thing is that skateboarding is not for suckers and therefore only the committed will stay and the bubble gummers will pass by as tourists. I propose that because of this, I'm not too concerned with the influence of organized sport on our culture. We are the ambassadors of the counterculture and therefore it is up to us to protect it.


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