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Hype Train

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Ethan Rogers

19 years old

Sudbury, ON

Terrain: Street and Park

Ethan is a second generation ripper and is well on his way to establishing himself as another Sudbury gem with a high ceiling for progression. As he continues to develop his skill set, it'll be great to see where he goes from here. One thing that is glaringly obvious and that's the pure joy that's on display when he's skating different terrain. 

Don't lose that passion for what you love to do.

Check out his IG 


Forecast: Things are going to get gnarly.

Andrew Rolsma

16 years old

Dunnville, ON

Terrain: Street and Park


Andrew is a raw talent with a great technical style. He's already proving himself as a rider that can hold his own on a variety of ledges and other park obstacles. If he pushes himself to focus on transitions, gaps and stairs (without going too gnarly too fast) there are new learns and levels to unlock. 

My advice is for him to watch how Christopher Setinas has developed. It'll be a road map on how to level up.

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

Check out his IG @_andrewsk8s

Forecast: Geoff Rowley is a mentor.

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Andrea Brookebell

29 Years old

Hamilton, ON

Terrain: Park and Flatground 

Andrea is one of the hardest working sheRippers out there. Most days than not she is at the park practicing her fundamentals and just loving the ride. We should all give credence to someone that dedicated to skateboarding. 

We give her all the respect she deserves and love that she doesn't slow down, but instead seems to speed up.

Don't ever stop!


Check out her IG  


Forecast: Zen is a destination that she can reach.

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