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Winners Announced!!

Congratulations to the top 10 participants in this inaugural #after_school_specialists_skateboarding101 contest. I'd like to thank the sponsors at History Skateboards, City Limit Skateboards, Only One Skateboards, Philly's Hardware, Kronic Wheels, Madn3ss Wheels, Blotto Wheels, Mumber Fur Grip, 66 Thieves Apparel and Dogpound Skate Supplies. These Ontario brands are all high quality skate hardware and street wear.

I'd like to thank the Local Skate Shop for continuing to support causes true to the scene including this one. Ontario Skateboarding is dedicated to bringing new opportunities for the skaters of Ontario and bringing into focus the quality goods manufactured here. We'll continue to organize these events and make them bigger and better as we go.

The purpose of this contest is to encourage the youth to participate in organized events that require confidence in themselves to deliver the best results they can. The prizes aren't the main driver for this opportunity, but instead it is the opportunity to show the skills being practiced and the dedication required to put together a sequence of tricks that the skater can be proud of. We want to encourage kids of all age groups and skill levels to be a part of this scene.

Thank you to all those who submitted runs. For those eligible next year keep pushing yourselves to level up. Enjoy the ride and remember that skateboarding is more than winning prizes, it's the stoke of landing tricks and trying new tricks. Don't stop learning and don't stop improving.

Check out the featured winners on the news page.

1st Place - Rhydar Benson

2nd Place - Daniel De Luca

3rd Place - Lucah Hacking

Thanks for being RADICAL!


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