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Twenty Twenty-Two Mandate

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Building a strong foundation is essential to the success of anything built. 2021 was a year that we had to endure in order to get a fresh start with 2022. Now that we are here let's get it. This is the second calendar year for OS. and the mandate has been released on our IG page

  1. Continue outreach with the skaters of Ontario. We want to promote skaters of all ages and abilities to keep building our scene around the province.

  2. Release monthly features for 'lil Rippers' (under 17), AMS (17 to 35), 'SheRippers' (she/her).

  3. Partner with photographers/videographers/editors from every region of the province to help promote their content.

  4. Promote more individual releases for people to see how much talent we have.

  5. Promote locally manufactured brands.

  6. Feature keystone skate shops across the province.

  7. Promote Canadian skate and apparel brands.

  8. Encourage local associations to include OS. for petitioning locals councils for support.

  9. Live events at indoor/outdoor parks for regional skaters to showcase their talents.

  10. Bigger, better online contests creating more opportunities for exposure.

  11. Support the scene and the people in it.

  12. Encourage creativity and inclusion through progression.

  13. Grow partnerships with important contributors across the province.

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