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#skatergirlshowcase2022 is what August is all about!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Every year August is dedicated to the promotion of she/her skateboarding in Canada. We are of course focused on the provincial scene, but want to also provide opportunities for all whenever we can. This year we had 40 entries from 7 provinces including skaters from 6 years old to mid 40s.

Based on input from last season, we decided to divide the divisions by age. The U-16 division was incredibly competitive and had a lot of action. It made choosing the top submissions super tough, but we managed to give shout outs and promotion to the top 10 and all the under 10 girls that submitted an edit. They are the future, so we gotta give them a push.

The sponsors of this years events were:


Without the support of the brands these events would not be possible.

The top 5 (16+ Division)

Tara Fowler (Ottawa, ON) - Winner of the Doll Skateboards Prize Pack

Amanda Marie (Winnipeg, MN)

Davina (Richmond Hill, ON)

Andrea Brookebell (Hamilton, ON)

Emily Mackay (GTA, ON)

The top 10 (U-16 Division)

Hailey Mae Rudolph (Ancaster, ON) - Winner of the Tuxedo Skateboards Prize Pack

Zoe Zollinger (Nanaimo, BC)

Leonie (Levis, QC)

Charlotte Leluan (Gatineau, QC)

Mak Nardy (Ottawa, ON)

Kaila Arbesfeld (Montreal, QC)

Meredith Babin (Quebec City, QC)

Isla (Calgary, AB)

Sam (Guelph, ON)

Annika Welling (Riverview, NB)

See you all next year!!!

Thanks for being RADICAL.

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