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The first event of the season is an ode to the kickflip. 66 Thieves and OS. have partnered with Troubl3 Skateboards to bring you a dope ass flyer to promote a great event to win a new 66 deck and beanie as well the first printed t-shirts by OS.

This event is for skaters of all ages and skill levels. All that is required is that you submit a video of you doing a kickflip. Each participant gets a single entry into a draw to win the grand prize. Wild card prize packs are also being put together to provide more opportunities for promotion.

We and the fellas at 66 are happy to provide the product to celebrate the opening of the outdoor season. The goal is to be able to feature a variety of kickflips from people all over the province doing stylish tricks and having fun. Why not throw in some decent product and hype up spring and summer skateboarding.

Let's get ready for a good time!


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