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#after_school_specialists_skateboarding101 (2nd Annual Results)

Ontario Skateboarding is proud to collaborate with Red Dragon Skateboards (RDS), Philly's Hardware, Retna Wheel Co., Ugly Grip and 66 Thieves Apparel to bring you this year's Under 18 Annual Challenge.

Putting together a 60 second line is not easy and it's supposed to really encourage strategy and progression outside of single trick clips. This type of challenge represents a push for the young groms to approach this event from a different angle than they would normally. It's so awesome to see them successfully complete the line and be proud of their achievements.

All the entries showed a ton of passion towards skating. The age of the rippers ranged between 8 years old and 13 years and included both boys and girls.

The top 3 rippers absolutely crushed it. They each put together really well thought out lines including tricks of varying difficulties over a range of park terrain completed in series. The lines were all impressive.

Congratulations to:

  1. Ethan Bobak (Niagara, ON)

  2. Joel Barrett (Thunder Bay, ON)

  3. Blake Marchildron (GTA, ON)

Keep pushing yourselves to the next level. This contest will be an annual event, so practice new learns and enjoy the ride. See you in October for the next round.

Thanks for being RADICAL.

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